Maurizio Paolo

We use Orion tracking platform and Sentinel tracking devices for our fleets management. Before using Orion we used many other tracking platforms but we weren't satisfied with them. Then we found Orion, we are very satisfied about the web app itself and the technical support provided by Elsium. The convenience with Orion is that it's not a software it's a web app so we don't have to install anything on our computers making the solution flexible to be used on any computer (Windows, linux or apple).

Dana Kioski

We are a start-up company, we were searching for a software house which could produce a communication platform to assist our technicians connecting them with an internal data base. Elsium built us a nice mobile application which keeps our technicians always connected with our company network.

Alex Juri

We are in partnership with Elsium from the begining of the company, we always had a good service and support starting from developers to technicians. Elsium helped us to boost up our production line providing us with great solutions to keep track of the production line and development.