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Orion tracking platform

Orion is the solution from simple vehicle and personnel tracking to large vehicle fleets management. As part of our philosophy we designed it with the simplicity in mind.

Orion gives you the ability to Geographic area fencing (Geo Fence), Distance and speed statistics, multiple users management, roles managemnt, multiple devices management. and history data backing 2 months.

As of this moment Orion supports our own CT302, CT303 and popular TK102,TK103 devices. We support English, Italian and Sinhala languages.

How much does it costs?

If you buy our sentinel devices you'll get 1 year free access to orion web and soonly available mobile platforms.

For TK102 and TK103 devices the annual fee is of 25 US dollars per unit.


Capability overview:
Accessible via web
Multiple users and roles management

Orion is a web based tracking platform, this means that you can access the platform and manage your devices from wherever you have access to internet from your home, work place or from anywhere in the world.

Multiple alarms management
Multiple alarms management

Orion can handle multiple alarms at a time and you'll promptly be notified each time your devices sends alarms.

Multiple users and roles management
Multiple users and roles management

With Orion you can manage multiple users and roles. You can create users and grant different levels of permissions to your colleagues or family members.

Detailed statistics
Multiple users and roles management

Orion gives you access to distance, alarms and speed statistics. You can verify navigation speeds, distance and number of alarms received from your devices.

Multiple devices management
Multiple users and roles management

You can manage multiple devices at the same time. This means that you can keep track of all of your devices in one window.

Historic data
Multiple users and roles management

Our servers keeps track of your devices status and movements for a period of 2 months. In this way you can access and verify your devices historic alarms, movements and speed data.

Geo fence capability
Multiple users and roles management

You can fence geographic areas using the geo fence tool. If geo fences devices breachs their pre determined geo fence you'll get notified in real time throught platform and via email.


We are developing a mobile platform to give you the ability to manage your devices using your smart phone. Mobile platform will be available to the public in mid august.

If you have any particular request regarding our platform please feel free to contact us using our contact form.